The Clergy Referral Service, let us give you your wedding your way...

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The Clergy Referral Service is available to help couples create a wedding ceremony that will be both personal and unique. There are many different ways to express how you feel about your special day.

The Clergy Referral Service officiants have many years of experience working with all types of weddings. We are able to recommend officiants who will be able to meet your own personal needs. Throughout Southern California, we can help you find the right officiant for your special day.

Sleep on an Adjustable Bed after your wedding

Once you're married one of the first duties is to find yourself a new house. No house is complete without the proper furniture, especially a bed and mattress. Did you ever consider purchasing an adjustable bed and mattress set? Your first job in this respect would be to find the adjustable bed that suits you best. We can help you a little bit on that but we highly recommend that you visit a reliable adjustable bed review resource to find out the latest info on the newest models. Since you're a married couple, yet you may have different sleeping preferences, we recommend that you go for a split-king adjustable bed system. A split-king base, which is essentially two Twin-XL beds placed side-by-side, will give you the right amount of independence you need from each other. You may also want to check out a suitable memory foam or latex mattress that goes with it. Remember, not all mattresses are suitable for adjustable beds. We will especially advice you against a innerspring mattress. They cannot be considered adjustable mattresses. Some of the leading brands of adjustable beds you want to keep your eyes open for are Amerisleep, Dynasty Mattress, Leggett & Platt, Nectar, Yaasa, Ghostbed etc.

Let us give you...your wedding, your way!