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Couples Comments

Richard and Barb Done
"Dear William,

Thank you so much for all of you help with our wedding. Not only was our ceremony beautiful and fun, but it expressed what we wanted to say. Thank you also for your leadership and humor, both make the day much less stressful... We'll recommend you to our friends.

Richard and Barb Done, 5/25/02"

Warren and Elizabeth
"Dear Reverend Bill

In case I haven't told you before, our ceremony was every bit as beautiful and moving as we could have hoped. Everyone cried! (and I think most of them were even tears of joy). One of our friends pointed out that "the minister was right out of central casting". Needless to say, you were perfect. Your Frank Sinatra lounge singing, (at the reception), was an added bonus!

Thanks again for being such a major part of the most special day in our lives.

Warmest regards,
Warren and Elizabeth"

Ryan & Jill Sumner
"Rev. Crandall,

I want tho thank you for a lovely ceremony. We've gotten many compliments.

Ryan and Jill Sumnner (9/21/02)"

Case & Crystal Vande Poppe

Thanks for doing a great job at our wedding. I received many compliments on the ceremony!

Case and Crystal Vande Poppe, 4/6/02"

Billy & Erin Young
"Dear Rev. Crandall,

Our wedding was PERFECT. Your personal touches and heart felt guidance made for what was truly a GOD given gift...a gift of love, happiness, and the beginning to a beautiful future as we became one and joined our hearts and souls.

Thank you so much,

Billy and Erin Young

Billy M. Young, Jr. Master-at-Arms United States Navy"

Mike & Shawna Rudenour
"Rev. Crandall, Thank you so very Much! You performed a beautiful ceremony. You included our daughter and made her feel so special. Everyone commented on what a wonderful job you did.

Sincerely, Mike, Shawna and Marisa Ridenour"

Michael and Jennifer Beardsley
"Dear Rev. Bill,

Thank you for giving us such a beautiful ceremony.

Best wishes,

Michael and Jennifer Beardsley"

Jason and Jennifer Galvin
"Dear Reverend Crandall,

Thank you again for everything we appreciate all you did to make our day perfect!

Jason and Jennifer Galvin
Wedding Sept 27th, 2003"

The Arretches
"Dear Reverend Crandall,

We would like to thank you again for giving us the best gift of all! Our Marriage!!

The Arretches"

Ellen and Frank
"Dear Rev Crandall,

Thank you for your help on our wedding day. It was a pleasure working with you. We will always remember you.

Ellen and Frank

Scott and Deidra
"Rev. Crandall,

Thank-you so much for your guidance and much needed direction during our wedding ceremony. It was amazing and extremely personal ~ I can't believe how easy you made our day!

Much Thanks,
Scott and Deidra Johnson"

Jack & Lynda James
"Dear Bill, We wanted to write and thank you for indulging our desire... Your delivery of our vows...was wonderful, and you received kudos from several of our guests.

Rest assured that we will recommend you to anybody we know who is going to be married in Southern California; you run a top-notch organization.

Words cannot express what it meant to us.

Sincerely, Jack and Lynda"

Alicia and Ryan
"Rev. Crandall,

We want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony. It was like no other ceremony I have ever heard. Very unique! Thanks again, Alicia and Ryan Brand"

Nick and Rebecca Curtright
"Thank you for being a part of one of the most wonderful days in our life together! Your kindness and special touches to make our day unique is what we appreciated the most. Even though our family couldn't be there with us, we felt them in our hearts with the Celtic vows and blessings that you worked into our ceremony. We will never forget our magical winter-wonderland wedding, and you and your wife will always be a part of that memory.

We wish you the best of luck, and will definitely be calling you when we renew our vows down the road!

All our best,
Nick and Rebecca Curtright
January 16, 2005"

Jay and Mike Turber
"Rev. bill,

Mike and I wanted to thank you again for performing our ceremony. It was exactly as I planned, it was perfect. Thank you again for being a part of the happiest day of our life.

P.S. Everyone that attended our wedding said it was fun, personal and emotional all at the same time.

Jay and Mike Turber"

Steven and Jillian Porrero
"We want to say thank you for making our day so magical. You go the extra mile to make the ceremony as unique as the couple. The ceremony was beautiful.

Thank you for helping to make our day magical.
Steven and Jillian Porrero September 17, 2005"

The Holdre's
"Rev Crandall,
The ceremony was exactly what we both wanted! Thank you so much for making our day extra special.

MSgt Shawna Holdren"

Shawn & Penny Rine
"Dear Rev. Crandall,

Shawn and I want to personally send out a Thank you card and our wishes that you had a wonderful holiday season. You made our day special and a unique experience.
Thank you and God Bless,
Shawn and Penny Rine"

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Couple Quotes

Deandra and Justin Freeman - "We just wanted to thank you for the great job you did at the wedding. You made our ceremony so beautiful and personal. We do want you to know that we appreciated everything...

Also, some people have asked for your information, so I will give them your phone number and e-mail address.

Thank you very much, Deandra and Justin"

Daniel & Julie Kelling - "Dear Rev. Crandall, Thank you so much for performing our ceremony. Your style and guidance really took the pressure off of us and we definitely appreciated it! We couldn't have made a better choice! Thank you for making our day memorable!

Daniel and Julie"

Aydin & Jennifer Bal - "Dear Rev. Crandall, It was a pleasure meeting you. Aydin and I were so happy with the ceremony. You really came through with a lot of feeling and you were so helpful to us. We thank you so much. The day for me was perfect and I think I can speak for Aydin also from the way he keeps gushing about it. Take care and thanks again.

Best regards, Jennifer Chumbley-Bal"

James & Karen Cole - "Dear Rev. Crandall, We just wanted to thank you for performing our wedding ceremony! Everything was beautiful and more than I had imagined! I don't believe that anyone else could have performed it better!

Thank you so much!"

Kyle & Joanna - "Thank you for giving us a truly memorable ceremony... We really appreciate your dedication and are grateful for the special day that you helped create.

Thank you, Kyle and Joanna"

Joshua & Stephanie Merry - "Dear Rev. Crandall, We can't thank you enough for officiating over our marriage. You made the whole process a great experience. Many of our friends are now thinking about marriage, and we both always say, "Call Reverend Crandall!!!"

Thank you for all you do,
Joshua and Stephanie (11/27/04)"

Chris & Kristin Randall - "Chris and I would like to first thank you for such a beautiful wedding ceremony. Everyone from Chris and I, to family and friends were extremely touched by the blended family ceremony. I don't think there was a dry eye after that. Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Gabriel & Elizabeth Chacon - "Dear Rev. Crandall, Thank you for making our ceremony absolutely beautiful. We truly appreciate all of the work you put into our wedding. God bless you and your family."

Jim & Phyllis - "Rev Bill Crandall,

Thank you again for such a fine wedding and on such very short notice. Phyllis and I were extremely happy with the ceremony, so much so that we wished that we had taped it for future reference.

God bless you in your ministry!


Jim and Phyllis Saeger"

The Carter Family - "Thank you so much for your patricipation in Ryan and Connie's wedding. Your manner was very assuring and the words you picked were lovely. We all appreciated your guidance and kindness.

The Carter Family"

Chris & Darlene Schultz - "Rev. Crandall,

My husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary so this comment is a long time coming. We had a very informal surprise wedding which was more like a party with a ceremony in the middle of it. You were such a perfect fit! You made everyone laugh which went along with the atmosphere rather well yet you had beautiful things to say and touched everyone’s hearts to tears. I love that you were able to keep the ambience of the party going but still offer a serious and meaningful ceremony that a marriage ceremony deserves. You read us so well and did all of this with just one counseling session over the phone to get a feel for what we were looking for and a few last minute details before the ceremony.

You are wonderful! The Schultz’"

Jeff & Tami Holmes - "Rev. Crandall,

Thank you for making our ceremony so special. It was so personalized. The sand ceremony was special and the kids felt a part of the wedding. Friends and family still talk about how perfect and fun the ceremony was.

Jeff, Tami, Jackie, DJ, Jacob and Jennifer"

Allie & Stever Kirchner, 4.6.08 - "Hi Bill! First let me say how wonderful our wedding ceremony turned out. Not only did we feel it was a reflection of our personalities and faith, but have also heard from many guest how great it was. They thought we wrote it ourselves. The way you have it set up to select options is a great idea, and was reflected that day! Thank you! The day turned out to be just wonderful, and everything we had hoped it would be! Thank you! Allie Kirchner"

Shelby and Jon Kingsley, 05.11.08 - "Rev Crandall, Jon and I just wanted to say that we truly feel God had His gracious hand in on finding you and your services. Our destination elopement would not have been the same without the vows and prayers you helped us provide. You allowed and helped us to make it our own even at a distance. We have continued to talk about how you even added in a prayer at the end that we had not mentioned but had been praying to God about. I believe your prayer was that when others see us that they will see the Lord! I cannot tell you how deep that hit us, all of our time together that has been Jon and I's biggest thing, to glorify Him. Thanks for making that a part of our promised on our blessed day! May the Lord continue to bless you with much success in your elopement services."

Michael & Kristine Snipes, 05.10.08 - "Hello Pastor Carlos, I just wanted to take moment to thank you be being a part of our special day! Everything was perfect and ran smooth. I really do appreciate all that you have done. Hope all is well with you and your family! Take care! Kristine Snipes"